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Actelis is a networking solutions company with a mission to enable fast, secure, cost-effective and easily implemented communication for Internet of Things, or IoT, projects, deployed over wide areas such as cities, campuses, airports, military bases, roads and rail.

Our networking solutions use a combination of newly deployed fiber infrastructure and existing copper and coaxial lines to create a highly cost-effective, secure and quick-to-deploy network. Our patent protected hybrid fiber-copper solutions deliver excellent communication over fiber to locations that may be easy to reach with new fiber. However, for locations that are difficult to reach with fiber, we can upgrade existing copper lines, to deliver cyber-hardened, high-speed connectivity without needing to replace the existing copper infrastructure with new fiber. We believe that such hybrid fiber-copper networking solution has distinct advantages in most real-life installations, providing significant budget savings and accelerating deployment of modern IoT networks. We believe that our solutions can provide connectivity over fiber or copper up to multi-Gigabit communication, while supporting Gigabit-Grade reliability and quality.

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